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The one toothfriendly pacifier, the first pacifier in the world, which is awarded with the predicate”toothfriendly” Bisphenol-A Free!

Size 1 – 0-6 Months. From birth until the first incisors come through. (Currently not available)

Size 2 – 6-14 Months. From the appearance of the first incisors

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Made in Germany, Dentistar is the world’s first orthodontic pacifier brand. Dentistar pacifiers can help your baby to have beautiful teeth and mouth in future. Size 1 is for 0-6 month babies without teeth, size 2 is for 6-12 month babies with teeth.
Babies have an innate sucking reflex, a need for sucking. This need is best satisfied by sucking on mother’s breast. However, some babies take to suck their thumbs. Thumb sucking can lead to dental malocclusion. That’s one of the reasons why dummies / pacifiers / soothers were developed as they put less pressure on the jaw. But conventional pacifiers can also impact dental positioning and growth.
Dentistar complies with the latest scientific standards of dental growth. It is a pacifier which is safe from the perspective of dentistry and has been developed with close cooperation with leading dentists in the world.
With Dentistar, the impact on jaw and teeth is minimised. Dentistar has an extra flat and shaft with a noticable step. The step takes into account the natural position of uppen and lower incissor teeth. This allows a 90 percent lower pressure on jaw and teeth compared with conventional pacifiers.
The freedom of movement of the tongue is maintained. The tongue has sufficient room and the baglet shape is adjusted to the mouth cave. This hugely reduces the risk of speech disorders.

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