Tee-MD Pro+Tee-MD Pro+

Tee-MD Pro+




The Tee-MD Pro+ is ideal to apply thermotherapy (heat) and to target painful trigger points in the muscles of mastication and surrounding facial muscles.

The device is unique in that it features 3 anatomically shaped silicone massage heads that are specific to the main muscle groups (masseter, temporalis and sternocleidomastoid).

A thermotherapy warm up of these muscles at 42 degrees Celsius is an ideal complementary protocol with trigger point massage and should begin the treatment.

Massaging in a circular motion around the painful areas and compressing directly on the trigger points can provide significant relief for TMD sufferers. Each patient has a different threshold of pain and discomfort in their trigger points. Some patients only obtain a release after heavy pressure whilst others need the lightest touch imaginable.

A deeper trigger point massage is achieved by increasing the vibratory speed and application of more pressure. The device comes with 2 differing hardness of massage heads.