FingerGuard™, attaches on any two adjacent fingers, disrupting the vacuum / suction that makes finger sucking so addictive.

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Why is Finger Guard recommended the most?

  • Finger Guard takes less than 4 weeks to completely break the habit.
  • Finger Guard is made out of FDA-listed, medical grade plastic, and is manufactured in the USA.
  • It has a success rate greater than 90%. If worn correctly, the success rate is greater than 95%.

Each kit comes with everything you need to stop the finger sucking habit. This includes:

  • 1 Ambidextrous Finger Guard appliance, that can be worn over any TWO adjacent fingers
  • 30 bracelets: fun to wear, and multi-colored, so children can choose a new color every day!
  • One DVD containing the instructional video
  • One set of instructions

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