DENTISTAR® STOPPi® Weaning Soother


Weaning-Soother, facilitates The Dummy withdrawal
For Breaking The Habit on infants from 2 years
Helps to wean the child off the need to suck at the end of the pacifier period
Recommended by leading orthodontists
Material: Silicone, BPA-free*
Made in Germany

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For a gentle farewell to the beloved soother

Coming off the soother is a difficult step for many children and parents.

It should no longer be sucked as the teeth may suffer from the constant pressure of the teat – a solution must be forthcoming. For some children, a gift from the dummy-fairy, but unfortunately not for others.

The Dentistar STOPPi® helps to ease the need for suction towards the final stages of using the soother. The semicircular splint is placed in front of the rows of teeth between the lips and teeth. The round shield stays out of the mouth. The child does not find the soother as pleasant as their “old” soother and will not like to use it so often and consequently give it up completely.

STOPPi® – that’s how it’s done

After the second year of life only STOPPi® should be in their mouth. No dummy, thumb or baby bottles. This avoids malocclusions of the teeth and problems with their jaws.

How long does it take?
A few weeks are enough. Then all their old and harmful sucking habits will be forgotten.

As a sucker or thumb replacement, only to be used at the usual periods; e.g. in the evening to fall asleep or for comfort. Just as before with the beloved soother.

Product benefits

  • Optimised for giving up the dummy
  • Very soft, light and flexible
  • Boil-proof, saliva & drooling free
  • PVC-free & BPA-free
  • Suitable for children from 24 months
  • Universal size
  • made of high quality, especially soft silicone

Made in Germany

Weaning Soother

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