Divulge Plaque Disclosing SwabsDivulge Plaque Disclosing Swabs

Divulge Plaque Disclosing Swabs




Contains: 12x Individually wrapped swabs.

The Divulge plaque identification swab is a sure way to improve oral hygiene protocols and techniques by clearly showing patients where bacteria are located in the mouth and also on toothbrushes and orthodontic appliances.

The huge advantage is that these swabs also identify the age of the plaque. Better plaque control provides a healthier oral environment and reduces the potential for tooth decay and periodontal disease.

The Divulge Twin Coloured Plaque disclosing swabs highlight the older plaque in a blue colour and fresh plaque, a reddish-pink, so patients can clearly understand how their brushing, flossing, and cleaning techniques can be improved.

Providing clear imagery of these deposits is of significant value in managing gum disease and oral hygiene from a distance.