Tee-MDi is a proven therapeutic device that delivers:

⁃ Targeted compressional massage to a variety of facial and head and neck muscles

⁃ Specific thermotherapy (heat)to enliven blood circulation

⁃ Soothing vibratory massage to treat areas of tension around the whole head and neck including the eyes, temporalis muscles, muscles of mastication and muscles of facial expression

⁃ Relaxation using a variety of music and audio files

⁃ Induces onset of sleep

Tee-MDi delivers:

  • Acupressure
  • Thermotherapy
  • Vibrational massage
  • Audio analgesia
  • Distraction Therapy
  • Complete eye protection

In 5 specific dental modes, all whilst you are treating them.

How the Tee-MDi Works

Compressional and vibratory massage fires the muscles to stretch, which enables the spasmed and  tender jaw and facial muscles to relax. The pressure applied by Tee-MDi stretches special cells in the muscles and triggers them to lengthen. This relieves the muscle from spasm and is generally accompanied by a general discomfort alleviation of most of the facial or head and neck muscles.

Compression from Tee-MDi also constricts the facial and neck muscle fibers and capillaries: metabolites, by-products of muscles doing work, are then eliminated.

This momentary reflexive tightening of the muscle compresses blood flow and the lymph channels. This forces metabolites out of muscle tissue and prevents irritation caused by the lack of drainage of lactic, hyaluronic and carbonic acids.

Tee-MDi + Electronic Screen Syndrome (ESS)

What is ESS?

The syndrome designates an overstimulation of the nervous system caused by excessive screen time that influences behavior, mood, and focus. This goes not only for teenagers obsessed with digital devices but even for adults.

Many adults are on their screens between 2 to 6 hours per day and the devices tend to intrude on visual and mental space, sometimes becoming an addiction.

What are the characteristics of the syndrome?

The symptoms mimic any other neurological disorder, but the differential characteristic of ESS is that the symptoms are gone as soon as the disruptive screen influence is removed.

Among troubling signs are:

  • changing mood
  • headache
  • blurry eyes
  • foggy brain
  • eye strain
  • excessive temper tantrums
  • poor self-control
  • disorganization of behavior
  • sleep disorders
  • learning difficulties
  • depression

Relief using Tee-MDi

Tee-MDi brings about significant relief to the symptoms of ESS by allowing the eye (and thus the brain) to cease being overstimulated.

The thermotherapy, acupressure and vibratory massage, when coupled with the complete absence of light, allow the eyeball and muscles surrounding the eye to relax (all kickstarting the much-needed parasympathetic response).

How to use the device

The ideal protocol is to use twice daily for periods of 15 minutes.

Lunch and prior to sleep are ideal but the device can be used following an extended period of screen exposure.

Lay down in a quiet environment and turn the device on using the relaxation mode.

The addition of white noise using Bluetooth can make the treatment even more effective