Safety For Children

Because Tooth Mousse Plus contains a level of fluoride similar to that of adult strength toothpastes, there are issues when the material is ingested either accidentally or deliberately in children because of their low birth weight. Ingestion of a pea-size amount (0.5mL) of Tooth Mousse Plus will contribute 0.45mg of fluoride ion to the daily fluoride intake. In young children (up to six years of age), use of Tooth Mousse Plus is contraindicated because it may increase the risk of dental fluorosis. Children aged six years and above can use both standard (adult strength) toothpaste (1000ppm) and Tooth Mousse Plus without an increased risk of dental fluorosis. A simple way of describing Tooth Mousse application, and remembering to do it immediately before bed, is to describe it to children as a ‘blanket for the teeth’.

Safety During Pregnancy

There are no proven dental or general health benefits or risks from pre-natal fluoridecontaining products. Fluoride supplements are not indicated in pregnancy, however Tooth Mousse Plus can be used as a topical treatment in high caries risk pregnant women or in situations where reflux is causing dental erosion and dentinal hypersensitivity.