Why Add Flouride?

Because Tooth Mousse Plus exhibits significantly greater anti-cavity properties than its fluoride content alone, it is a superior product for professional application or at-home use. CPP-ACPF (Tooth Mousse Plus) gives greater anti-cavity effects than CPP-ACP (Tooth Mousse), and is designed for patients at high risk for dental cavities and dental erosion. Even though the pH of Tooth Mousse Plus is above 7.0, it enhances mineral uptake without encouraging the formation of calculus.

The mechanism of anti-cariogenicity for CPP-ACPF involves elevating levels of calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions at the tooth surface and within dental plaque, thereby depressing enamel demineralization and enhancing remineralization. The increases in supragingival plaque levels of calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions produced by CPP-ACPF are markedly greater than those obtained with 1000ppm fluoride toothpastes.

How Much Flouride?

Tooth Mousse Plus contains 900 parts per million (ppm) fluoride ions, a level just below that found in normal adult-strength toothpastes (1000ppm). While the remineralizing actions of the fluoride ions are well known, Tooth Mousse Plus with ACPF releases fluoride as well as calcium and phosphate ions, thereby providing all the three ions which are required for formation of acid-resistant fluorapatite. This level of fluoride also exerts some effects on the utilization of sugars as an energy source by dental plaque bacteria, which reduces their overall contribution to plaque fermentation.