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The FDA listed and patented ThumbGuard™ appliance is designed with three things in mind:

1. Make it impossible for a child to suck its thumb or finger when the appliance is on;
2. Make it very difficult for a child to remove it;
3. Make it as unrestrictive and fun to wear as possible.

To suck his thumb, the child has to seal the thumb with lips to create suction. To prevent this from happening, the tubular part of the device which goes over the child’s thumb must be always larger in diameter than the thumb. When lips seal the tubular part on the outside, the gap (or space) between thumb and tube on the inside keeps the air flowing, thus breaking the seal.

It’s very important to place and secure the appliance properly,  so  child  would  not  be  able  to  remove it So we recommend that at the beginning of the treatment (for a period of 5-7 days) you fit the ThumbGuard™ appliance (that is the clear plastic appliance itself, not the wristband) on the child’s hand a bit tighter. If there are any questions regarding how to fit it on a child hand, please calls us.

Another important condition for the success is consistent and uninterrupted use of the appliance for the period of treatment. The appliance must be worn during all the times when your child might be tempted to suck his thumb. The best results are achieved when the appliance is worn around the clock for four weeks with daily removal for cleaning.

In 1995, evaluation by an independent dental research organization found that treatment with ThumbGuard™ is successful in 90% of all cases.1 Based on this and other reports, we continue to improve efficacy of the product while making it more comfortable and as a result, even more successful.

The ThumbGuard™ appliance comes in three sizes: Small size for younger children from 3 to 4 years old, Medium size for 5 to 6 years old and Large for 7 and up.

It’s made out of soft, clear or white and non-toxic medical grade plastic material, which minimally restricts child’s activity when in use. It is secured on a child’s hand by multicolored wristbands, which are fun for children to wear and allow them to choose a color to wear. These wristbands or bracelets are lockable on a child’s wrist, so child would not be able to remove ThumbGuard™. The treatment kit comes to the child with 2 ThumbGuard™ appliances, 60 colorful and lockable bracelets, a VHS video and written instructions.

We are confident that ThumbGuard™ will also work for you!


1. Clinical Research Associates Newsletter, v. 19, issue 6, June 1995.

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