Regular or Plus?


Tooth Mousse Plus is recommended at night when a dentate patient has marked salivary dysfunction (dry mouth), for example, because of medications, systemic illnesses, or salivary gland disease, because of the enhanced risk of mineral loss from dental caries or dental erosion. These patients would also benefit from daytime applications of GC Dry Mouth Gel to gain symptomatic relief from oral dryness. Patients should be at least six years of age before using Tooth Mousse Plus.

Regular Tooth Mousse, which is fluoride-free, is the appropriate product to use in infants and young children (up to six years of age) because of issues with fluoride ingestion.

The unique CPP-ACPF (amorphous calcium phosphate and fluoride) complexes in Tooth Mousse PLUS were developed at The University of Melbourne School of Dental Science.