Flouride Rinse or Varnish

Fluoride rinses contain between 200 and 900ppm fluoride, while varnishes contain between 22,600 and 25,000ppm fluoride. These can be effective preventive agents in patients with enhanced risk, but normal salivary function.

CPP-ACPF has been shown to be superior to fluoride alone in promoting fluoride uptake into plaque and enamel in people with normal salivary function. Further, CPP-ACPF promotes the remineralization of subsurface enamel with fluorapatite in the body of the lesion, not just at the surface layer like fluoride alone. Patients with salivary dysfunction (dry mouth) show a great propensity to mineral loss and typically lack sufficient bioavailable calcium ions for effective remineralization when fluoride is used in isolation. Using a product such as Tooth Mousse Plus which releases bioavailable calcium as well as phosphate and fluoride ions can help to provide effective remineralization even in more challenging situations where salivary parameters are abnormally low. It boosts salivary levels of these ions in a form equally well suited to in-office professional and at-home use.