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Posted By: Dr. Perry Patel
Even though my son was only 18mths old i wanted to stop his constant thumbsucking habit. I found your product through practicon dental supply. Initially i was very skeptical, but he quit sucking in about 3 weeks, the appliance was a little big for his hand but it still worked. being a children’s dentist, i now have a relatively inexpensive resource for my patients. This is not a paid testimonial!Posted By:MS. STELLA STROUBAKIS
My baby is 2 years old and has been sucking his finger, day and night, since the day he was born. He was hurting his thumb, but thanks to your treatment, my baby doesnt suck his finger anymore. I entered Univision.com, which is dedicated to mothers and children, and i gave them the name of your company, because i want to help them the same way that you have helped me with this fabulous treatment. In the name of my husband, we are so thankful for this fabulous invention.Sincerely,

Posted By:Nicole Fain
Just wanted to say that I was completely surprised and shocked that my 4 1/2 year old daughter finally stopped sucking her thumb thanks to T-Guard. She wore them for 3 weeks in December 2001 at night only. I had tried every possible thing I had heard about, to no avail. I was skeptical as she had a die hard, serious habit.

We had made some progress behaviorally since age 3 by telling her she was welcome to suck her thumb but she must do it in her room. Therefore she pretty much gave it up during the day. She still sucked her thumb when she got sleepy in the car, for naps or bedtime. She WANTED to stop, she would try for about 15 minutes at night and then cry because she was so exhausted while fighting this huge urge to suck her thumb.

The T-Guard took away her need to fight the urge and the inner conflict. It simply helped her break the habit. She was so happy with herself! I wish I knew about these when she was 2!I would add that I promoted T-Guard to her from the beginning as a special, beautiful bracelet for girls who want to have “princess teeth.”

I showed her the picture of the girl wearing it on your website and told her she was going to be a big girl just like the girl in the picture. We told her after wearing this special bracelet her teeth would not stick out anymore and she would have “princess teeth.”

Finally, when she wore the last bracelet and had not sucked her thumb for a whole month, we rewarded her by buying her a “big girl bed.” She was so proud of herself. We gave her lots of positive encouragement and praise along the way. I’m totally surprised that only a few months later, her teeth have moved back to a normal position and do not stick out at all. They are completely in line with her other teeth and her smile looks so much prettier.

So wanted to say thank you again and let you know that your product worked.

Sincerely, Nicole Fain

I just wanted to say “THANK YOU”! I had a lot of doubts that the thumbguard would be able to stop my four year old son from sucking his thumb, but i have to say it was a miracle! Three weeks of constant wearing and he doesn’t even try to put his thumb in his mouth anymore. It didn’t interfere at all with any of his daily activities, and after his initial reluctance, it didn’t bother himat all. I wish i had this 10 years ago when my daughter was the same age (would have saved a lot of tears and dental visits!) Thanks so much!

To whom it may concern,I purchased the ThumbGuard for my 5-1/2 year old daughter about one month ago. Before this product I tried everything to get her to stop sucking her thumb. She was sucking her thumb day and night. She wore the ThumbGuard for 3 weeks. During this time she was chewing on the ThumbGuard. This made me think that it was not going to work for her. I took off the ThumbGuard after the 3-week period and she is no longer sucking her thumb not even at bedtime. This product is wonderful. I will share this with my daughter’s doctor in hopes that she will recommend this product to others.
Jackie Bonaiuto